Doctor Who Logo 'Psi-ence Fiction'
by Chris Boucher
Jacket Illustration

It's Reading Week at the University of East Wessex, but not everything comes to a stop.

The wood is still haunted. Experiments in telepathy, remote viewing, precognition and other paranormal phenomena continue in the Parapsychology Department. The department heads still think the Kellerfield Research Fellow is out for publicity rather than psychic results. A grizzly murder remains unsolved by local police. The students are still holding seances in the graveyard.

When the TARDIS arrives in Norswood, the Doctor and Leela are caught up in events that are spiralling out of control. Leela is chased by a phantom, and the Doctor take the waters. But soon it isn't the Parapsychology Department's funding that's in question - it's the whole of existence.

*Featuring the Fourth Doctor and Leela

*A BBC Books 'Past Doctor Adventures' novel