Doctor Who Logo 'Rain Gods'

by Stephen Moffat
[Neil Gaiman]
River and the Doctor

The Doctor and River’s dinner date goes awry when they instead land on the planet of the Rain Gods, get captured by two soldiers and sentenced to being burnt at the stake as a sacrifice. The Doctor needs to come up with a plan to save River and himself – but as always, his plans are not always that reliable…

Matt Smith (The Doctor), Alex Kingston (River Song)

Directed by Richard Senior
Produced by Annabella Hurst-Brown
Executive producer Steven Moffat

*Featuring the Eleventh Doctor and River

*This two-minute scene started life as a deleted sequence from the episode 'The Doctor's Wife', and was then drawn by Mark Buckingham as a three-page comic strip in the '2012 Doctor Who Brilliant Book', featuring the Doctor, Amy and Rory. Gaiman then rewrote the scene as a minisode, titled 'Rain Gods' and featuring the Doctor and River, for the Season 33 [7] DVD and Blu-Ray boxed sets

*The credits say "by Steven Moffat"; however, Gaiman said on Tumblr that this credit is erroneous