Doctor Who Logo 'Real Time'
(6 Parts)
by Gary Russell
The Doctor

On a planet known only as Chronos, two scientific survey teams have vanished. Inexplicably. Without Warning. But with just one clue supplied - a single screamed word: “Cybermen!”

The University they worked for has called in the Earth security forces who despatch a third team, a mix of military might, under the auspices of a University Administrator. If that kind of volatile grouping isn’t bad enough, three strangers have been added to the mix - a young human expert in Cybermen and a mysterious traveller in space and time, the Doctor along with his companion, Dr Evelyn Smythe.

But can they solve the riddle of the vanished survey teams before the Cybermen harness Chronos’ unique temporal gifts and rewrite the history of the galaxy?

Colin Baker (The Doctor), Alistair Lock (Hoyer), Andrew Hair (Fantham), William Johnston (Krueger), Nicholas Briggs (Professor Osborn), Christopher Scott (Administrator David Isherwood), Maggie Stables (Evelyn Smythe), Yee Jee Tso (Doctor Reece Goddard), Jane Goddard (Nicola Savage), Richard Herring (Taylor Renchard), Stewart Lee (Ryan Carey)
Produced by Jason Haigh-Ellery

Part 1:
August 2nd 2002
Part One: What is the fate of the missing survey teams?
Part Two: What mystery lies within the temple ruins?
Part Three: The Doctor studies an ancient inscription
Part Four: The temple's secret is revealed
Part Five: There's a new arrival at the temple

Part 2:
August 9th 2002
Part One: The planet is under Cyber control
Part Two: Why do they want the TARDIS?
Part Three: The Controller's plan becomes clearer

Part 3:
August 16th 2002
Part One: Isherwood has a proposition...
Part Two: The Cybermen want the TARDIS - but why?
Part Three: The temple's secret is revealed
Part Four: Remembering an old song...

Part 4:
August 23rd 2002
Part One: What have they done to Ricky Allen?
Part Two: "Friendship is your downfall, Doctor"
Part Three: Playing God with time as your toy
Part Four: The Controller's influence is strong
Part Five: Conventional Cyber threats

Part 5:
August 30th 2002
Part One: Hiding among Cybermen
Part Two: Morality is a luxury
Part Three: Honour their faces and names
Part Four: A bit of sabotage

Part 6:
August 6th 2002
Part One: Article seven: comitting genocide
Part Two: Considering the future
Part Three: Why did you kill my friend?
Part Four: The historic flight

*Featuring the Sixth Doctor and Evelyn

*Each episode was webcast on the BBC's official 'Doctor Who' website

*It was possible to listen to the story and watch accompanying pictures drawn by artist Lee Sullivan; of note was the debut of the Doctor's new blue coat, which replaced his usual multi-coloured version

*This story is not viewed as canon

*The story was later released on CD by Big Finish Productions in January 2003

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