Doctor Who Logo 'The Resurrection of Mars'
(2 Parts)

by Jonathan Morris
Jacket Illustration

Deimos, moon of Mars – where Lord Slaadek's plans to revive the ancient Ice Warrior civilisation hang by a thread. Only the Doctor can stop him… but an old enemy, hiding in the catacombs, has an alternative plan. A plan that will test the Doctor's heroism to its limits. Just how far will the Doctor go to prevent the destruction and resurrection of Mars – on a day when his friends become enemies, and his enemies have right on their side?

Paul McGann (The Doctor), Niky Wardley (Tamsin Drew / Ice Warriors), Sheridan Smith (Lucie Miller / Ice Warriors), Garemen Garden (The Monk), Tracy-Ann Oberman (Temperance Finch / Maxine / Computer), Susan Brown (Margaret), Nick Wilton (Harold), Jack Brown (Pilot), Nicholas Briggs (Lord Slaadek / Ice Warriors), Nicky Henson (Ice Warriors)

Directed by Barnaby Edwards

*Featuring the Eighth Doctor and Tamsin, and Lucie

*A Big Finish Audio Production

*Part two of a two part story

*Working title: 'Deimos Part 2'

*To preserve the mystery of Lucie's return, the cover published on the Big Finish website was different to that released with the CD:

Jacket Illustration