Doctor Who Logo 'Return To Earth'

by Oli Smith
Jacket Illustration

Take on the role of the Doctor and Amy Pond in this griping action adventure to help the SS Lucy Gray return to Earth.

Unravel a sinister plot by the Cybermen and prevent the Daleks from retrieving a dangerous Time Axis as your explore the deserted Starship.

Starring the voices of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, this brand new official Doctor Who storyline includes two types of mini-game; the Gravity Gun and Sonic Screwdriver Game, which specifically make use of the Wii technology.

Authentic Doctor Who story written by Doctor Who author Oli Smith
Opportunity to explore an incredible star ship in this action adventure as it returns to Earth playing as either the Doctor or Amy Pond.
Interact with and manipulate the environment.
Aim and fire sonic beams with the Wii Remote at coloured targets dotted around the levels that move platforms, turn on and off hazards, open doors and more.
Sneak past Daleks and Cybermen.
Use the Wii Remote as the Sonic Screwdriver to progress through the game.
Fully recorded dialogue by Matt Smith and Karen Gillan throughout cut scenes.

Produced by Asylum Games UK Ltd.

Game Platform:
Nintendo Wii

Release Date:
19th November 2010

*Featuring the Eleventh Doctor and Amy

*Whilst this game may or may not be counted as canon, I am choosing to include it because it is officially BBC licensed, and features the voice talents of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan

*Players could also enhance their gaming experience with the aid of a sonic screwdriver-shaped DS stylus, as released by Blue Ocean Accessories!