Doctor Who Logo 'Revenge of the Cybermen'
(4 Parts)
Story Code '4D'

by Gerry Davis
The Doctor

The Time Ring takes the Doctor, Sarah and Harry back to Nerva. Unfortunately they arrive at a time thousands of years prior to their previous visit, when the station is being used for its original purpose, as that of a space beacon to warn traffic of the existence of a new asteroid orbiting Jupiter. The crew of Nerva has been reduced to a mere handful, due to a mysterious space plague that has infected the station. The Doctor discovers that Kellman, a visiting civilian scientist, is a traitor, and that he has spread the plague using Cybermats, small metallic creatures created by the Cybermen. Kellman is in league with the Cybermen, who are aboard a nearby space ship. The asteroid is revealed to be Voga, the legendary planet of gold, which was instrumental in the defeat of the Cybermen during the Cyberwars. As gold is deadly to them - gold dust can cover their breathing apparatus and suffocate them - these few surviving Cybermen plan to utterly destroy Voga. They invade the station, and force the Doctor, Harry and two of the remaining humans to carry cobalt bombs down into the heart of the planet. However, Kellman is actually a double agent, and is secretly working with a faction of the Vogans, whose plan is to lure the Cybermen to the beacon so that they can destroy it with a Skystriker rocket, ending their life spent in hiding. The Doctor rids himself of his bomb, and returns to the beacon, but is captured, and left behind with Sarah as the Cybermen evacuate on learning of the Vogans' plan. The missile is launched, but the Doctor gives instructions for it to be re-directed away from the beacon, and it destroys the Cybermen's ship instead. The TARDIS, which has been travelling backwards in time, arrives. On entering it, the Doctor finds a message from the Brigadier, summoning him back to Earth...

Tom Baker (Doctor Who), Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith), Ian Marter (Harry Sullivan), Jeremy Wilkin (Kellman), Ronald Leigh-Hunt (Commander Stevenson), William Marlowe (Lester), Alec Wallis (Warner), David Collings (Vorus), Michael Wisher (Magrik), Christopher Robbie (Cyberleader), Kevin Stoney (Tyrum), Brian Grellis (Sheprah), Melville Jones (First Cyberman)

Produced by Barry Letts
Directed by Michael E. Briant

Part 1 - 19th April, 1975 @ 5.35pm - 6.00pm
Part 2 - 26th April, 1975 @ 5.30pm - 5.55pm
Part 3 - 3rd May, 1975 @ 5.50pm - 6.15pm
Part 4 - 10th May, 1975 @ 5.30pm - 5.55pm

*Featuring the Fourth Doctor, Sarah and Harry

*Working title: 'Return of the Cybermen'