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The quaint surroundings of Robert Somersby’s country cottage in Little Stockbrush conceal an incredible secret, for this mild-mannered inventor is in fact a pioneer in the field of robotics. In carrying out his ground-breaking research for the Ministry of Technology, Robert has created several robots, including K.T. - or Katie to his friends - a large, dim-witted, silver-faced lump whose limbs have a habit of falling off at inopportune moments; and Eric, a bad-tempered, life-like android who always objects at being made to take part in his creator’s unorthodox experiments.

While Robert’s secret is shared with his Aunt Millie, he is forced to keep his affairs hidden from his long-suffering fiancée, Angela, which often puts a strain on their relationship; things are further complicated by inept foreign industrial spy Marken and his associate, private investigator Gimble, who constantly try to uncover Robert’s electronic engineering secrets by any means possible – only to fail miserably each time.

Created by prolific writer Bob Block, who penned such notable children’s sitcoms as ‘Pardon My Genie’, ‘Grandad’ and ‘Rentaghost’, ‘Roberts Robots’ is funny, entertaining and extremely silly. Each episode is a well-written exercise in pantomime and farce, usually centred around one of Robert’s androids getting into trouble and then requiring the long-suffering inventor to come to the rescue.

The show ran for two seasons; in the second, Marken’s associate Mr Gimble was replaced by Mr Plummer, a Welsh P.I. just as useless as his predecessor; and a new robot in the form of Desiree, a beautiful female automaton who declares her undying love to every man she meets. This time the storyline ran across all the episodes, and was every bit as daft and madcap as before.

For many decades ’Roberts Robots’ remained a little-remembered slice of children’s comedy, well loved by those who remembered watching it at the time (me included!). However, both seasons are at last available on DVD, meaning it can finally be seen in all its bonkers glory once more!

Roberts Robots - Season 1
Roberts Robots - Season 2

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