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File 1
The Sarah Jane Adventures - Cast

When Sarah becomes concerned that no one will save the world when she and the gang are not there, Mr Smith proposes creating a set of ĎAlien Filesí, cataloguing all the extraterrestrial menaces they have faced.

File #1: Sarah recounts her adventures battling the Trickster and Krizlok the Graske.

Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith), Alexander Armstrong (Mr Smith [Voice])

Directed by Pip Banyard
Senior Producer John Piper
Executive Producers Gillian Scothern and Russell T Davies
A CBBC production

11th October 2010 CBBC @ 5.45 pm

*Featuring Sarah Jane Smith and Mr Smith

*This edition features footage from 'Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?' Part 1 and Part 2; 'The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith' Part 1 and Part 2; and 'The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith' Part 1 and Part 2