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File 4
The Sarah Jane Adventures - Cast

When Sarah becomes concerned that no one will save the world when she and the gang are not there, Mr Smith proposes creating a set of ĎAlien Filesí, cataloguing all the extraterrestrial menaces they have faced.

File #4: An email from Luke gets Sarah thinking about family, which in turn leads her to reviewing her data on the devious denizens of Raxacoricofallapatorius, the Slitheen, as well as the Blathereen and their deadly Rakweed.

Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith), Alexander Armstrong (Mr Smith [Voice])

Directed by Pip Banyard
Senior Producer John Piper
Executive Producers Gillian Scothern and Russell T Davies
A CBBC production

1st November 2010 CBBC @ 5.45 pm

*Featuring Sarah and Mr Smith

*This edition features footage from 'Revenge of the Slitheen' Part 1 and Part 2; and 'The Gift' Part 1 and Part 2