Doctor Who Logo 'The Science of
Doctor Who'

by Professor Brian Cox
Professor Brian Cox and the Doctor

“That is impossible.’” – Professor Brian Cox
“Naughty word Brian. 2p in the swear box.” – The Doctor

While preparing for his latest lecture, Professor Brian Cox enters what he thinks is the make-up room – but instead finds himself inside an amazing space-time machine occupied by an eccentric man who calls himself the Doctor. When Brian tries to return to the lecture hall the Doctor stops him – he has already seen the lecture, and he thought it was rubbish. However, to help Brian get the lecture right, the Doctor has a gift for him: a mysterious something that is over two hundred and fifty years old, yet brand-new. After chastising Brian for using the naughty “impossible” word, the Doctor then activates his ship’s controls – which promptly go wrong; luckily for him Brian sees the problem, and with his help the ship is quickly working again. Leading Brian back to the door, the Doctor explains that the physicist’s lecture will inspire someone in the audience, a young girl who will grow up to be an extraordinary woman who will change the world. Aware that he has been given a similar such nudge from the Doctor, Brian leaves for his lecture, while the Doctor departs in the TARDIS for another adventure…

Professor Brian Cox (Himself), Matt Smith (The Doctor)

Directed by Steve Smith
Produced by Milla Harrison-Hansley
Executive Producer Andrew Cohen

TX (BBC 2):
14th November @ 9.00 pm

*Featuring the Eleventh Doctor

*Seeing as this has proper title and end sequences like a regular episode, I'm choosing to list this adventure of the Doctor as canon!