Mystery Incorporated'
Mystery Inc.

Crystal Cove is a small town with a long history of ghost and monster sightings, which the older residents exploit to bring in tourists. It is also home to Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley, Norville ‘Shaggy’ Rogers and their dog, Scooby-Doo, a crime-solving quintet who call themselves ‘Mystery Incorporated’. While unravelling mysteries and dealing with the supernatural, the gang become involved with a mysterious character known only as ‘Mr. E’. As the gang become embroiled in the search for the missing pieces of an ancient artefact known as the Planispheric Disc, they learn that they were not the first mystery solving gang to come out of their hometown, and discover that the future of the entire world rests on their shoulders…

As well as being the first ‘Scooby-Doo’ show to be produced by Warner Bros., ‘Scooby-Doo - Mystery Incorporated’ broke the mould by interweaving a complex story arc throughout its fifty-two episodes – an episode count that made it the longest running Scooby-Doo series to date. Each episode featured the usual humour, crazy situations and unmasking of fiendish villains that one expects from ‘Scooby-Doo’, but the show also concentrated heavily on the relationships of the main characters, and drew on an intricate on-going subplot that mixed Spanish Conquistadors, Babylonian mythology, the prophetic Nibiru cataclysm and extra-dimensional forces from the dawn of time.

Despite being originally billed as a reboot the show contained plenty of references to previous Scooby-Doo shows (such as ‘Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?’ and ‘The Thirteen Ghosts of Scooby-Doo’), and the characters even wore their outfits from the 1960s. ‘Scooby-Doo - Mystery Incorporated’ also contained a myriad of pop-culture references, mixing elements from classic television shows (‘Twin Peaks’!), horror movies (‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’!), 1980s Ska music (!?), and the works of H.P. Lovecraft and Harlan Ellison into something highly entertaining that stands up to repeated viewings.


Season 1 (U.S. Premiere: Cartoon Network)

Chapter 1: ‘Beware the Beast From Below’ – 5th April 2010++
Chapter 2: ‘The Creeping Creatures’ – 19th April 2010
Chapter 3: ‘Secret of the Ghost Rig’ – 26th April 2010
Chapter 4: ‘Revenge of the Man Crab’ – 2nd August 2010
Chapter 5: ‘The Song of Mystery’ – 9th August 2010
Chapter 6: ‘The Legend of Alice May’ – 16th August 2010
Chapter 7: ‘In Fear of the Phantom’ – 23rd August 2010
Chapter 8: ‘The Grasp of the Gnome’ – 30th August 2010
Chapter 9: ‘Battle of the Humungonauts’ – 6th September 2010
Chapter 10: ‘Howl of the Fright Hound’ – 4th October 2010
Chapter 11: ‘The Secret Serum’ – 11th October 2010
Chapter 12: ‘The Shrieking Madness’ – 18th October 2010
Chapter 13: ‘When the Cicada Calls’ – 25th October 2010
Chapter 14: ‘Mystery Solvers Club State Finals’ – 3rd May 2011
Chapter 15: ‘The Wild Brood’ – 10th May 2011
Chapter 16: ‘Where Walks Aphrodite’ – 17th May 2011
Chapter 17: ‘Escape from Mystery Manor’ – 24th May 2011
Chapter 18: ‘The Dragon's Secret’ – 31st May 2011
Chapter 19: ‘Nightfright’ – 7th June 2011
Chapter 20: ‘The Siren's Song’ – 14th June 2011
Chapter 21: ‘Menace of the Manticore’ – 21st June 2011
Chapter 22: ‘Attack of the Headless Horror’ – 28th June 2011
Chapter 23: ‘A Haunting in Crystal Cove’ – 5th July 2011
Chapter 24 ‘Dead Justice’ – 12th July 2011
Chapter 25: ‘Pawn of Shadows’ – 19th July 2011
Chapter 26: ‘All Fear the Freak’ – 26th July 2011

++ (TX'd as a 'sneak peak' in U.S.; official U.S. TX date: 12th July 2010)

Season 2 (U.K. Premiere: Boomerang / U.S. Premiere Cartoon Network)

Chapter 27: ‘The Night the Clown Cried’ – 2nd June 2012 (U.S. Network Video release: 30th March 2012; U.S. TX: 30th July 2012)
Chapter 28: ‘The House of the Nightmare Witch’ – 3rd June 2012 (U.S. TX: 31st July 2012)
Chapter 29: ‘The Night The Clown Cried II: Tears of Doom – 4th June 2012 (U.S. TX: 1st August 2012)
Chapter 30: ‘Web of the Dreamweaver!’ – 5th June 2012 (U.S. TX: 2nd August 2012)
Chapter 31: ‘The Hodag of Horror’ – 6th June 2012 (U.S. TX: 3rd August 2012)
Chapter 32: ‘Art of Darkness’ – 6th August 2012 (U.K. TX: 1st October 2012)
Chapter 33: ‘The Gathering Gloom’ – 7th August 2012 (U.K. TX: 2nd October 2012)
Chapter 34: ‘The Night on Haunted Mansion’ – 8th August 2012 (U.K. TX: 3rd October 2012)
Chapter 35: ‘Grim Judgment’ – 9th August 2012 (U.K. TX: 4th October 2012)
Chapter 36: ‘Night Terrors’ – 10th August 2012 (U.K. TX: 5th October 2012)
Chapter 37: ‘The Midnight Zone’ – 13th August 2012 (U.K. TX: 8th October 2012)
Chapter 38: ‘Scarebear’ – 14th August 2012 (U.K. TX: 9th October 2012)
Chapter 39: ‘Wrath of the Krampus’ – 15th August 2012 (U.K. TX: TBC 2013)
Chapter 40: ‘The Heart of Evil’ – 16th August 2012 (U.K. TX: 1st April 2013)
Chapter 41: ‘Theater of Doom’ – 17th August 2012 (U.K. TX: 2nd April 2013)
Chapter 42: ‘Aliens Among Us’ – 25th March 2013 (U.K. TX: 3rd April 2013)
Chapter 43: ‘The Horrible Herd’ – 25th March 2013 (U.K. TX: 4th April 2013)
Chapter 44: ‘Dance of the Undead’ – 26th March 2013 (U.K. TX: 5th April 2013)
Chapter 45: ‘The Devouring’ – 27th March 2013 (U.K. TX: 30th September 2013)
Chapter 46: ‘Stand and Deliver’ – 28th March 2013 (U.K. TX: 1st October 2013)
Chapter 47: ‘The Man in the Mirror’ – 29th March 2013 (U.K. TX: 2nd October 2013)
Chapter 48: ‘Nightmare in Red’ – 2nd April (U.K. TX: 3rd October 2013)
Chapter 49: ‘Dark Night of the Hunters’ – 3rd April 2013 (U.K. TX: 7th October 2013)
Chapter 50: ‘Gates of Gloom’ – 4th April 2013 (U.K. TX: 8th October 2013)
Chapter 51: ‘Through the Curtain’ – 5th April 2013 (U.K. TX: TBC 2013)
Chapter 52: ‘Come Undone’ – 6th April 2013 (U.K. TX: TBC 2013)

Mindy Cohn (Velma Dinkley), Grey DeLisle (Daphne Blake / Paula Rogers / Greta Gator / Que Horrifico / Vampire Waitress / Doctor Thistle), Matthew Lillard (Shaggy Rogers), Frank Welker (Scooby-Doo / Fred Jones / Barty Blake / Man-Crab / Gnome / Green Humungonaut / Char Gar Gothakon / Cicada Creature / Jabberjaw / Speed Buggy / Cletus Darrow / Nightfright / Manticore / Freak of Crystal Cove), Lewis Black (Mr. E / Ricky Owens), Kimberly Brooks (Luna / Young Cassidy Williams), Gary Cole (Mayor Fredrick Jones Sr. / Rusty Gnales), Tony Cervone (Gary), Frances Conroy (Angie Dinkley), Kevin Dunn (Dale Dinkley), Vivica A. Fox (Angel Dynamite / Cassidy Williams), Casey Kasem (Colton Rogers), Udo Kier (Professor Pericles), Richard McGonagle (Ed Machine), Scott Menville (Young Ricky Owens), Nolan North (Brad Chiles), Kath Soucie (Nan Blake), Kari Wahlgren (Judy Reeves), Patrick Warburton (Sheriff Bronson Stone), Linda Cardellini (Hot Dog Water), Jeffrey Combs (H.P. Hatecraft), Crispin Freeman (Howard E. Robertson / Ben), Jennifer Hale (Thorn / Delilah Blake), Maurice LaMarche (Vincent Van Ghoul), John O'Hurley (Skipper Shelton), Daryl Sabara (Jason), Hynden Walch (Alice May), Mitch Watson (Ethan / Dylan / Red Captain), Jane Wiedlin (Dusk)

Created by Joe Ruby and Ken Spears
Executive Producer Sam Register

*Featuring Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne and Velma