Doctor Who Logo 'Serpent Crest'
Volume 3:
'Aladdin Time'

(1 Part)

by Paul Magrs
Jacket Illustration

Trapped underground, the Doctor and Mrs Wibbsey encounter a small boy who claims to be Aladdin, in search of a fabled lamp. He joins them on their own quest, to find a power source in this weird domain and switch it off.

Many obstacles lie in their way. Vast rooms stuffed with exotic items give way to torch-lit tunnels and deadly precipices. Creatures of mythical proportions lie in wait. Peculiar atmospheres take their toll on them. Perhaps strangest of all, the Doctor’s multi-coloured scarf appears to take on a life of its own…

As friends are separated and uneasy alliances are formed, the strange environment attempts to claim them. Will the Doctor and Mrs Wibbsey ever get back to Hexford? And will Aladdin discover who he really is?

Tom Baker (The Doctor), Susan Jameson (Mrs Wibbsey), Guy Harvey (Aladdin), Sophie Ward (The Storyteller), Terrence Hardiman (The Gryphon), Andrew Sachs (The Scarf), Simon Shepherd (The Magician), Su Douglas (The Toad)

Produced and Directed by Kate Thomas

Release Date:
3rd November 2011

*Featuring the Fourth Doctor and Mrs Wibbsey

*Part three of a five part story

*A BBC audio production