Doctor Who Logo 'Ship Of Fools'
by Dave Stone
Jacket Illustration

When Krytell, head of a hugely powerful interplanetary corporation, asks Benny to do an unofficial but somewhat shady job, the benefits are immediately apparent. She has an unlimited expense account, an entirely new wardrobe and more jewels and pearls than she could ever need. And she's a passenger on the famed luxurious space cruise-liner, the Titanian Queen. It's the answer to a poor girl's dreams. But such things always have their price.

Her fabulously wealthy and thoroughly undeserving fellow travellers are dropping like flies - there's a ruthless and cunning murderer on board. Is it the enigmatic and fiendishly clever criminal known only as the Cat's Paw? Or is the super-rich Krytell himself somehow involved?

Fortunately, as well as the killer, there's also a famous champion of justice on the stricken vessel. But will the great detective, Emil Dupont, eventually stop getting things completely and utterly wrong and solve the case in time for tea and muffins? Will anyone be left alive when he finally discovers the truth? Amid this chaos, Benny soon realises that if you want a job doing, you'd better do it yourself.

*Featuring Benny and Jason

*A Virgin Books 'New Adventures' novel