Doctor Who Logo 'Short Trips':
'Little Doctors'

(1 Part)

by Philip Lawrence
Jacket Illustration

The TARDIS brings the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe to a sophisticated Earth colony. Olympos is a world of hi-tech cities, where the lives of the populace are controlled by an all-seeing, all-knowing super computer: Zeus. When the Doctor sees how the human inhabitants have been robbed of the more simple pleasures, he sets out to bring real life back to the colony. But his mental connection to Zeus has some unexpected consequences…

Frazer Hines (Narrator)

Directed by Lisa Bowerman


*Featuring the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe

*A Big Finish Audio Production

*Time-placing: Zoe only recently joined the TARDIS crew, and is wearing her silver catsuit, so I'm choosing to place this stoy just after the 'Mind Robber'