Doctor Who Logo 'Silver Nemesis'
(3 Parts)
Story Code '7K'

by Kevin Clarke
The Doctor

In 1988, a group of Fourth Reich Nazis, led by a man called de Flores, prepares for the arrival of an object the following day, on 23rd November. In Windsor in the year 1638, Lady Peinforte, together with her manservant Richard, uses an arcane ceremony to travel 350 years into the future so that she can retrieve the object of her interest. The next day, while attending a jazz concert with Ace, the Doctor is disturbed by the alarm sounding on his pocket watch; unable to recall why he set it, he and Ace return to the TARDIS, just managing to avoid being shot by two men who are wearing what appear to be walkman personal stereos. The Doctor recalls that the Earth will face destruction on this day, the 23rd; they travel to a storeroom in Windsor to retrieve a silver bow, but it has vanished. They then travel to Lady Peinforte's house in 1638; the Doctor reveals that he was here previously, when a quantity of a living metal - known as validium, with a purpose only to destroy - fell to Earth and was used by Peinforte to fashion a statue of herself. Meanwhile a meteor crashes near Windsor Castle. Watched by Peinforte and Richard, de Flores and his men use the stolen silver bow to activate the statue held within it. The Doctor and Ace arrive, just in time to see a huge space ship appear carrying a squad of Cybermen. The Cybermen fight both the Nazis and Peinforte, but manage to seize the meteor; however, in the confusion the Doctor and Ace escape with the bow. The Cyberleader and his men take the meteor to Lady Peinforte's tomb in the castle grounds, knowing the Doctor will come to stop them and bringing the bow with him. The Doctor tells Ace that the validium, otherwise known as the Nemesis statue, was created on his home planet of Gallifrey by Rassilon and Omega, as a final defence for the planet; it needs the bow to reach critical mass. Ace destroys the Cybership with her Nitro 9 explosive, while De Flores forges an alliance with the Cyberleader - in return for killing Peinforte and giving the Cyberleader the bow, they will share the planet between them. Meanwhile, the Doctor uses a device to detect a gigantic Cyber Fleet in a cloaked orbit around the Earth. The Cyberleader uses the bow to activate the statue, but the Doctor and Ace arrive. Ace fights the Cybermen and their brainwashed walkman slaves, while the Time Lord exerts his influence over the statue, gaining control of it. After the Cyberleader kills de Flores, Peinforte and Richard arrive; Lady Perinforte gloats that she knows the Doctor's secrets - of the old times on Gallifrey and the time of chaos - told to her by Nemesis. Just as the Cyberleader launches the meteor with Nemesis inside it, an insane Lady Peinforte jumps onto the statue, merging with it. The meteor launches, but the Doctor has already programmed it to wipe out the Cyber Fleet. Enraged at the destruction of his forces, the Cyberleader tries to kill the Doctor, but is destroyed by Richard using a gold tipped arrow. The Doctor and Ace return Richard to 1638.

Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Sophie Aldred (Ace), Anton Diffring (De Flores), Fiona Walker (Lady Peinforte), Gerard Murphy (Richard), Leslie French (Mathematician), Metin Yenal (Karl), Martyn Read (Security Guard), David Banks (Cyber Leader); Courtney Pine, Adrian Read, Ernest Mothle, Frank Tontoh (Jazz Quartet); Mark Hardy (Cyber Lieutenant); Chris Chering, Symond Lawes (Skinheads); Brian Orrell (Cyberman), Dolores Gray (Mrs Remington)

Produced by John Nathan-Turner
Directed by Chris Clough

Part 1 - 23rd November, 1988 @ 7.35pm - 8.00pm
Part 2 - 30th November, 1988 @ 7.35pm - 8.00pm
Part 3 - 7th December, 1988 @ 7.35pm - 8.00pm

*Featuring the Seventh Doctor and Ace

*Working titles: 'Nemesis', 'The Malopath', 'The Harbinger'

*This was the 25th Anniversary story