Sky Logo 'Sky'

(7 Parts)
by Bob Baker
and Dave Martin

Travelling through the cosmos, a humanoid extraterrestrial known as Sky accidentally arrives on Earth during the late Twentieth Century. The boy’s presence inadvertently threatens to upset the delicate balance of the planet, and so the forces of nature immediately set about repelling him: Sky is attacked by violent winds and quickly buried under a pile of leaves. He is found by three teenagers, Arby Vennor, his sister Jane, and their friend Roy, who are out in the woods with their fathers for a pheasant shoot. Arby takes Sky to his hideout in an old cave, where the strange boy talks of finding himself “before The Chaos”, and reveals that he is searching for a machine called ‘The Juganet’, his only means of reaching his proper time and place. After Sky is attacked by a tree’s roots, Arby and Jane take him to their school, breaking into the library in order to find clues as to the location of the Juganet. Meanwhile, the forces of Earth manifest themselves into the form of a menacing, black-clad man called Ambrose Goodchild. Arby, Jane and Sky are caught and questioned about the break-in by the police, but are eventually released; however, as their parents drive them home, Goodchild materialises before their land-rover, causing Mr Vennor to swerve and crash; Mrs Vennor is knocked unconscious, and falls into a deep coma. The local doctor is unable to help Mrs Vennor, but Sky uses his powers to restore her to consciousness, draining his own energy in the process. While Sky rests, Goodchild arrives next door at Roy’s house, hypnotises the boy’s father, and then locates Sky by looking through a solid wall; the sinister man attacks Sky with a vortex of leaves, but Arby and Jane find the boy in time and decide to risk taking him to a hospital. After confusing the doctors with his alien physiognomy, Sky manages to make mental contact with a simple-minded patient named Tom, who provides him with information as to the location of the Juganet; with Tom’s help, Arby and Jane save Sky from a further attempt on his life by Goodchild. Tom and the others set off for Glastonbury Tor, which matches Tom’s description of the Juganet, but Sky is disappointed to find that the forces in the earth have been destroyed by Mankind, and he is unable to return home from there. While Arby and Jane take Tom back to the hospital, the police mount a search for the missing teenagers, and Sky encounters a family of hippies, who believe him to be their mythical messiah, Evalake. Goodchild appears and attacks the hippies’ caravan with trees, forcing Sky to flee once more. Arby and Jane return and find Sky’s injured body, and together they seek shelter in an empty house, currently up for sale. A strange man offers to show them around, but he then locks Arby and Jane in the loft and shows Goodchild to where Sky is resting. Goodchild mounts a powerful assault on Sky, but the forces of nature he unleashes only serve to revitalise the alien, fully restoring his powers and making him invulnerable. Sky and Goodchild begin their final confrontation - with the fate of humanity hanging in the balance…

Marc Harrison (Sky), Stuart Lock (Arby Vennor), Cherrald Butterfield (Jane Vennor), Richard Speight (Roy Briggs), Jack Watson (Major Briggs), Thomas Heathcote (Joe Vennor), Frances Cuka (Jean Vennor), Robert Eddison (Goodchild), David Jackson (Sergeant Simmons), Rex Holdsworth (Doctor Marshall), Meredith Edwards (Tom), Gerard Hely (Doctor Saul), Ursula Barclay (First Nurse), Monica Lavers (Second Nurse), Barbara Baber (Receptionist), Geoff Serle (Orderly), Prunella Ransome (Susannah), Sean Lynch (Michael), Trevor Ray (Rex), John Curry (Policeman), Bernard Archard (Haril), Peter Copley (Revil)

Directed by Patrick Dromgoole (Episodes 1, 2 and 5), Terry Harding (Episode 3), Derek Clark (Episodes 4 and 7) and Leonard White (Episode 6)
Produced by Leonard White
Executive Producer Patrick Dromgoole

Part 1: Burning Bright – 7th April, 1976
Part 2: Juganet – 14th April, 1976
Part 3: Goodchild – 21st April, 1976
Part 4: What Dread Hand – 28th April, 1976
Part 5: Evalake – 5th May, 1976
Part 6: Life Force – 10th May, 1976
Part 7: Chariot of Fire – 17th May, 1976

*Introducing Sky, Arby Vennor, Jane Vennor and Roy Briggs