Doctor Who Logo 'Slipback'
(6 Parts)

by Eric Saward
Jacket Illustration

Odd events are taking place as the TARDIS materialises on board a space-craft: a mysterious killer stalks the ship's ducting; two dubious policemen are investigating the theft of art treasures; and the computer has taken on its own distinctive personality. Soon the Doctor stumbles on a shocking secret, a secret upon which depends the fate of the entire universe...

Colin Baker (The Doctor), Nicola Bryant (Peri), Jane Carr (Computer/Inner Voice), Jon Glover (Grant), Nick Revell (Bates / Snatch), Alan Thompson (Maston / Steward / Maintenance Service Drone 934/Time Lord), Valentine Dyall (Slarn), Ron Pember (Seedle)
Producer: Paul Spencer
Pirate Radio 4 Producer: Jonathan James-Moore

TX (within 'Pirate Radio 4'):
Episode One & Two:
25th July, 1985 @ 9.05am - 12.00pm
Episode Three & Four: 8th August, 1985 @ 9.05am - 12.00pm
Episode Five & Six: 22nd August, 1985 @ 9.05am - 12.00pm

*Featuring the Sixth Doctor and Peri

*The duration of each episode was approx ten minutes, and transmitted in stereo around 10h00am and 11.30am in each programme

*A BBC Radio Production