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Season 1 Logo.

Title Stardate Original TX Date Info
Beyond the Farthest Star 5521.3 8th September 1973 US TX
Yesteryear 5373.4 15th September 1973 US TX
One of Our Planets is Missing 5371.3 22nd September 1973 US TX
The Lorelei Signal 5483.7 29th September 1973 US TX
More Tribbles, More Troubles 5329.4 6th October 1973 US TX
The Survivor 5143.3 13th October 1973 US TX
The Infinite Vulcan 5554.4 20th October 1973 US TX
The Magicks of Megas-Tu 1254.4 27th October 1973 US TX
Once Upon a Planet 5591.2 3rd November 1973 US TX
Mudd's Passion 4978.5 10th November 1973 US TX
The Terratin Incident 5577.3 17th November 1973 US TX
The Time Trap 5267.2 24th November 1973 US TX
The Ambergris Element 5499.9 1st December 1973 US TX
Slaver Weapon 4187.3 15th December 1973 US TX
The Eye of the Beholder 5501.2 5th January 1974 US TX
The Jihad 5683.1 12th January 1974 US TX

Season 1 Logo.

Title Stardate Original TX Date Info
The Pirates of Orion 6334.1 7th September 1974 US TX
Bem 7403.6 14th September 1974 US TX
Practical Joker 3183.3 21st September 1974 US TX
Albatross 5275.6 28th September 1974 US TX
How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth 6063.4 5th October 1974 US TX
The Counter-Clock Incident 6770.3 12th October 1974 US TX

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