Star Trek Logo 'Enterprise Experiment'
(Part 3)

by D.C. Fontana
and Derek Chester
Cover A

While the Enterprise undergoes repairs at Starbase K-12, Kirk and his crew are subjected to medical tests following their experiences with the new experimental cloaking device. Meanwhile, and old enemy of Kirk’s, the ruthless Klingon captain Kor, violates the Organian peace treaty by launching an attack on Station K-22 in the Lorenian System. Kirk and his crew are sent to investigate and find the station completely destroyed, all those aboard dead. Then Starfleet informs Kirk that multiple Klingon warships have crossed the Neutral Zona and are now converging on the planet Loren 5…

Pencils by Gordon Purcell
Inks by Terry Pallot
Colors by John Hunt with Jason Jenson and Mario Boon

*Featuring Captain James Tiberius Kirk, Mister Spock, Doctor Leonard 'Bones' McCoy, Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu, Lieutenant Uhura and Lieutenent Arex

*Published by IDW

*This story is a sequel to 'The Enterprise Incident'