Stingray Logo 'Count Down'

by Dennis Spooner
Stingray Cast

In an attempt to infiltrate Marineville security, Surface Agent X20 poses as a professor who can teach mute people to speak. Taken in by the ‘professor’s’ claims, Troy and Phones place Marina into his care. X20 then uses a tape recording of Troy’s voice to access the pen where Stingray is berthed - and leaves Marina tied up on board along with a ticking time bomb…

Don Mason (Captain Troy Tempest), Robert Easton (Lieutenant George Lee ‘Phones’ Sheridan / Agent X20), Lois Maxwell (Lieutenant Atlanta Shore), Ray Barrett (Commander Sam Shore / Lieutenant Fisher / Titan), David Graham (Security Guard)

Directed by Alan Pattillo
Produced by Gerry Anderson

TX (UK): 9th May 1965

*Featuring Captain Troy Tempest, Lieutenant George Lee 'Phones' Sheridan, Commander Sam Shore, Lieutenant Atlanta Shore, Lieutenant Fisher and Marina