Stingray Logo 'Emergency Marineville'

by Alan Fennell
Stingray Cast

After Marineville comes under a missile attack, the Stingray crew sets out to locate the source of the assault. Troy, Phones and Marina trace the missiles to a volcanic island, but when they investigate, they are captured by the aliens responsible for the attack. I order to force Troy reveal the coded signal that will destroy Marineville's interceptor missiles, the aliens subject Marina to torture…

Don Mason (Captain Troy Tempest), Robert Easton (Lieutenant George Lee ‘Phones’ Sheridan / Agent X20), Lois Maxwell (Lieutenant Atlanta Shore), Ray Barrett (Commander Sam Shore / Lieutenant Fisher / Titan)

Directed by John Kelly
Produced by Gerry Anderson

TX (UK): 11th October 1964

*Featuring Captain Troy Tempest, Lieutenant George Lee 'Phones' Sheridan, Commander Sam Shore, Lieutenant Atlanta Shore, Lieutenant Fisher and Marina