Stingray Logo 'Tom Thumb Tempest'

by Alan Fennell
Stingray Cast

While waiting for the call to action in the Stand-By Lounge, Troy falls asleep. He dreams that he and the Stingray crew have all shrunk in size and are now trapped inside a giant fish-tank sitting in a banquet hall. When Troy and Phones investigate their surroundings they discover that Titan and several representatives of the undersea races are about to convene in the room - so that they can plan their final attack on Marineville…

Don Mason (Captain Troy Tempest), Robert Easton (Lieutenant George Lee ‘Phones’ Sheridan / Agent X20), Lois Maxwell (Lieutenant Atlanta Shore), Ray Barrett (Commander Sam Shore / Lieutenant Fisher / Titan)

Directed by Alan Pattillo
Produced by Gerry Anderson

TX (UK): 28th February 1965

*Featuring Captain Troy Tempest, Lieutenant George Lee 'Phones' Sheridan, Commander Sam Shore, Lieutenant Atlanta Shore, Lieutenant Fisher and Marina