Doctor Who Logo 'The Story Of Martha'

by Dan Abnett
with David Roden,
Steve Lockley and Paul Lewis,
Robert Shearman,
and Simon Jowett
Jacket illustration

For a year, while the Master ruled over Earth, Martha Jones travelled the world telling people stories about the Doctor. She told people of how the Doctor has saved them before, and how he will save them again.

This is that story. It tells of Martha's travels from her arrival on Earth as the Toclafane attacked and decimated the population through to her return to Britain to face the Master. It tells how she spread the word and told people about the Doctor. The story of how she survived that terrible year.

But it's more than that. This is also a collection of the stories she tells - the stories of adventures she had with the Doctor that we haven't heard about before. The stories that inspired and saved the world...

The Stories:

'The Weeping' by David Roden

'Breathing Space' by Steve Lockley and Paul Lewis

'The Frozen Wastes' by Robert Shearman

'Star-Crossed' by Simon Jowett

*Featuring the Tenth Doctor and Martha

*A BBC Books 'Tenth Doctor Adventures' novel