Doctor Who Logo 'Synthespians™'
by Craig Hinton
Jacket Illustration

"We are the Nestenes. We have been colonising other planets for a thousand million years."

In the 111th century, nostalgia is everything. TV from the 20th century is the new obsession, and Reef Station One is receiving broadcasts from a distant Earth of the past. Dixon of Dock Green and Z-Cars are ratings winners - and the inhabitants of the New Earth Republic can't get enough.

But there are other forces that need Reef Station One. An ancient but dying race sees this human outpost as a last hope for survival... and millionaire Walter J Matheson III sees it as a marvellous business opportunity.

When the Doctor and Peri arrive they find a fractured society dependent on film and TV. They also discover that the Republic's greatest entrepreneur is in league with one of the Doctor's oldest enemies.

The Doctor and Peri must unravel the link between Matheson's business empire and the Nestenes. Because if they don't, they could end up in the deadliest soap opera of all time...

*Featuring the Sixth Doctor and Peri

*A BBC Books 'Past Doctor Adventures' novel

*The original cover to the novel featured a manipulated photograph from the classic 1980's saga 'Dynasty'; however, due to issues with the photo library that originally licensed the image, the cover was dropped and replaced with new artwork featuring staff from designers Black Sheep dressed in posh frocks and tuxedos. The original looked like this:

Jacket Illustration