Doctor Who Logo 'The TAO Connection'
by Barry Letts
Jacket Illustration

The body of an old man is found floating in the Thames although the DNA of the corpse corresponds to an 18-year old friend of Josh and Ellie. Sarah Jane heads towards West Yorkshire in a bid to discover what killed the man, why someone is kidnapping homeless teenage boys and whether there is a link between that and the retreat of philanthropist Will Butley which hosts The Huang Ti Clinic. Sarah discovers that there is more to ancient Dark Sorcery than she may have otherwise believed

Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah), Jeremy James (Josh), Sadie Miller (Natalie), Robin Bowerman (Harris), Juliet Warner (Ellie Martin), Caroline Burns-Cook (Claudia Coster), Mark Donovan (DI Morrison), Moray Treadwell (Will Butley), Steven Wicknam (Mr. Sharpe), Jane McFarlane (Nurse Jephson), Robert Curbishley (Read), Wendy Albiston (Meg)

Directed by Gary Russell

*Featuring Sarah-Jane Smith

*A Big Finish 'The Adventures of Sarah-Jane Smith' Audio Adventure