Thunderbirds Logo 'Martian Invasion'
by Alan Fennell
Thunderbirds Cast

Posing a Stutt, a film producer, The Hood sabotages an effects sequence on a Martian invasion movie being shot in the Nevada Desert. As a result, two actors playing policemen are trapped inside a cave which rapidly begins to fill with water from an underground river. The Hood then uses his hypnotic powers over his half-brother to make Kyrano disable the automatic camera detector aboard Thunderbird 1. When Scott comes to the rescue of the actors, The Hood is able to capture the entire rescue operation on film…

Peter Dyneley (Jeff Tracy / Martian Pete), Shane Rimmer (Scott Tracy / Director of Photography), David Holliday (Virgil Tracy), Matt Zimmerman (Alan Tracy / General X / Slim), David Graham (Gordon Tracy / Kyrano / Bletcher / Maguire / Production Manager), Ray Barrett (John Tracy / The Hood / Goldheimer / Martian Ray / Brian), Christine Finn (Tin-Tin), Sylvia Anderson (Make-Up Girl)

Directed by David Elliott
Produced by Gerry Anderson

UK (ATV Midlands):
March 17th, 1966 @ 7.00 pm - 8.00 pm

*Featuring Jeff Tracy, Scott Tracy, Virgil Tracy, Alan Tracy, Gordon Tracy, John Tracy, Brains and Tin-Tin