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by Joe Kuhr
Thunderbirds Are Go Cast

International Rescue comes to the aid of Colonel Casey of the Global Defence Force, whose driver is trapped in a vehicle teetering over the edge of a broken suspension bridge in the middle of a tornado. With Virgil and Alan using Thunderbird 2’s aerial Pods to keep the bridge suspended with quick-dry adhesive foam, Scott jetpacks down from Thunderbird 1 to save the driver. Unfortunately things do not go as planned: Scott and the driver narrowly avoid death when the vehicle plummets over the edge, and the massive bridge still falls apart. In the aftermath Colonel Casey finds herself relieved by Colonel Janus pending an investigation into the fiasco, and International Rescue is grounded under orders to seek GDF permission before taking part in any future missions. As Kayo flies Brains out to the bridge to investigate why his foam inexplicably failed, John detects a distress call from a ship taking on water in the Pacific Ocean; Scott sets off in Thunderbird 1, but Colonel Janus denies him permission to proceed with the rescue, forcing Scott to return to base; luckily for the stricken crew, John is able to direct a fishing trawler to save them instead... Lady Penelope and Parker visit Global Defence Force headquarters to talk to Colonel Janus, but it is clear he has an agenda against International Rescue’s operation; furthermore, when Parker tests the Colonel on his military history, the offficer gets his facts wrong… Having received word that a huge sinkhole has opened under the San Medina construction site, where the world’s tallest city is being built, Scott decides to ignore GDF ruling and rescue the trapped work crew; but as Thunderbird 2 approaches the disaster site, Colonel Casey arrives with an aerial escort and orders International Rescue to stand down, or else the GDF will open fire…

Thomas Brodie-Sangster (John Tracy), Rasmus Hardiker (Scott Tracy / Alan Tracy), David Menki (Virgil Tracy / Gordon Tracy), Sandra Dickinson (Grandma Tracy), Angel Coulby (Tanusha 'Kayo' Kyrano), Kayvan Novak (Brains / Colonel Martin Janus), Rosamund Pike (Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward), David Graham (Aloysius Parker), Adjoa Andoh (Colonel Casey), Teresa Gallagher (GDF Lieutenant), Andres Williams (The Hood / GDF Duty Officer)

Directed by David Scott
Produced by Sharon Lark
Created by Gerry Anderson and Sylvia Anderson

UK (ITV 1 / CITV):
2nd January 2016 @ 8.30 am

*Featuring John Tracy, Scott Tracy, Virgil Tracy, Gordon Tracy, Alan Tracy, Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, Aloysius Parker, Kayo and Brains