Thunderbirds Are Go Logo 'Comet Chasers'

by Randolph Heard
Thunderbirds Are Go Cast

The egotistical adventurer Francois Lemaire and his wife Madelaine are making history as the first people to flyby Halley’s Comet, as it returns to Earth’s solar system. While broadcasting this momentous event on television, Francois recklessly decides to take his custom-built space yacht, Solar Wind, into the comet’s tail – the ship is immediately hit by a huge chunk of ice, disabling its propulsion systems and leaving it floating aimlessly amongst the dangerous ice debris. Having watched these events on television, Alan and Scott race off on a rescue mission in Thunderbird 3; they soon arrive at the comet, where Alan puts the ship on a parallel course to the Solar Wind. Scott sets off in Pod A, manoeuvring it through the comet’s icy tail and then docking with the space yacht; getting inside, Scott is surprised to find Lemaire enjoying some fine cheese, seemingly oblivious to the danger he is in. Scott tries to persuade the arrogant adventurer and his wife to don their EVA suits, but during the ensuing argument the Solar Wind is hit by another chunk of ice – sending the space yacht crashing onto the frozen surface of Halley’s Comet…

Rasmus Hardiker (Scott Tracy / Alan Tracy), Thomas Brodie-Sangster (John Tracy), Sandra Dickinson (Grandma Tracy), Jack Whitehall (Francois Lemaire), Taj Atwal (Madelaine Lemaire)

Directed by David Scott
Produced by Sharon Lark
Created by Gerry Anderson and Sylvia Anderson

UK (ITV 1 / CITV):
19th December 2015 @ 8.30 am

*Featuring John Tracy, Scott Tracy, Alan Tracy and Grandma Tracy