Thunderbirds Are Go Logo 'Earthbreaker'

by Rob Hogee
Thunderbirds Are Go Cast

A team of geologists is surveying the African plains for rare gandium ore when they are attacked by a giant mobile mining vehicle; its massive circular blade cuts into the ground, opening a chasm that swallows the geologists’ sonar vehicle. Colonel Casey of the Global Defence Force asks International Rescue for help in retrieving the stranded geologists, and within minutes Thunderbirds 1, 2 and Shadow have mobilised. The GDF aircraft’s order to power down the mine goes unheeded, so they fire a warning shot; in retaliation, the driver unleashes a swarm of flying robots that disable the GDF plane and cause it to crash. Thunderbird 2 tries to rescue the geologists using a grapple, but the line is cut by more of the flying robots, which attack the plane’s engines; forced to return to base on just one engine and the aft thrusters, Virgil manages to bring the stricken Thunderbird 2 in for a controlled crash landing on Tracy Island. Suspecting the driver of the Earthbreaker to be associated with the Hood, International Rescue send Lady Penelope and Parker to visit the villain in his prison cell; although the Hood protests his innocence he still gets riled, convincing Penelope that he is somehow involved. Using Thunderbird Shadow’s cloaking device, Kayo is able to get Scott into the chasm so he can continue the rescue mission; she then lands undetected on the Earthbreaker, gains entry and begins setting explosive charges inside its infrastructure. Scott lowers himself down to the sonar truck and cuts through its hatch; he then passes a line to the geologists, intending to winch them to safety. Kayo reaches the Earthbreaker control room, but the driver - who calls himself ‘The Mechanic’ - has already detected and disabled her bombs; he sets a robot on Kayo and accelerates the mining beam extracting the ore. In the chasm below, Scott and the geologists are being winched to the surface – until they get caught in the extraction beam, and drawn towards the Earthbreaker’s intake…

Thomas Brodie-Sangster (John Tracy), Rasmus Hardiker (Scott Tracy / Alan Tracy), David Menki (Virgil Tracy / Gordon Tracy), Sandra Dickinson (Grandma Tracy), Kayvan Novak (Brains / GDF Commander), Angel Coulby (Tanusha 'Kayo' Kyrano), Rosamund Pike (Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward), David Graham (Aloysius Parker / Vic), Jenna Coleman (Baines), Teresa Gallagher (EOS), Adjoah Andoh (Colonel Casey), Chris Jarman (The Mechanic / Hutch), Andres Williams (The Hood)

Directed by Tim Gaul
Produced by Sharon Lark
Created by Gerry Anderson and Sylvia Anderson

UK (ITV 1):
22nd October 2016 @ 3.30 pm

*Featuring Scott Tracy, Virgil Tracy, Alan Tracy, Gordon Tracy, John Tracy, Grandma Tracy, Brains, Tanusha 'Kayo' Kyrano, Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward and Aloysius Parker