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by Peter Briggs
Thunderbirds Are Go Cast

Lady Penelope and Parker are escorting Brains’ friend Professor Moffat as she travels on the Reykjavik Express, taking a sample of her new energy breakthrough, Centurium 21, to the Global Defence Force research centre. However, the Hood has set his sights on stealing the professor’s work, and he uses explosives and a submarine to trap the train inside a section of the underwater tunnel system. Lady Penelope contacts International Rescue for help, but then all communications are blocked by the Hood. Virgil and Gordon set off in Thunderbird 2 with Pod 4, while Scott accompanies them in Thunderbird 1. Cutting into the tunnel, the Hood gets aboard the train and disguises himself as Professor Moffat, replacing the original so that he can steal her case. With the aid of her pet dog, Lady Penelope sees through the villain’s disguise, but she and Parker are too late to prevent him from escaping with the sample. As the Hood escapes in his sub, Penelope and Parker use FAB 1’s submersible mode to give chase. Virgil and Gordon arrive on the scene, and use Airbag Pods and Thunderbird 4 to raise the tunnel section within reach of Thunderbird 2’s cable, pulling it to the surface. Meanwhile, the Hood deploys a transonic depth charge onto FAB 1, which takes out the car’s turbines, stranding Penelope and Parker precariously on a rock shelf. It looks like the Hood has won this round…

Rasmus Hardiker (Scott Tracy / Alan Tracy), David Menkin (Virgil Tracy / Gordon Tracy), Thomas Brodie-Sangster (John Tracy), Kayvan Novak (Brains), Rosamund Pike (Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward), David Graham (Aloysius Parker), Teresa Gallagher (Professor Moffat), Andres Williams (The Hood)

Directed by Theo Baynton
Produced by Sharon Lark
Created by Gerry Anderson and Sylvia Anderson

UK (ITV 1 / CITV):
21st November 2015 @ 8.30 am

*Featuring John Tracy, Scott Tracy, Virgil Tracy, Alan Tracy, Gordon Tracy, Brains, Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward and Aloysius Parker