Doctor Who Logo 'Time Crash'

by Steven Moffat
The Fifth and Tenth Doctors

“Wibbly wobbly timey wimey!” – the Doctors

After Martha leaves to resume her life, the Doctor dematerialises the TARDIS – only to be thrown off his feet as a violent disturbance rocks the space-time vessel. Rushing to the controls, the Doctor is astonished to discover his fifth incarnation standing next to him at the console; the two Doctors’ TARDISes have collided in time, a temporal paradox that in just five minutes will generate an explosion that will tear a rift in the space-time continuum the size of Belgium. The Tenth Doctor excitedly watches his earlier self as he tries to prevent the catastrophe, noting that his younger self appears older than he should, due to their presence together shorting out the time differential. The Tenth Doctor admits that their predicament is due to his failure to reinstate the ship’s shields after carrying out some maintenance, but the Fifth Doctor ignores him, believing his uninvited guest to be an over-eager fan fixated with stalking him. The Cloister Bell sounds, signalling that in two minutes the TARDISes will trigger a black hole big enough to swallow the entire universe; but the Tenth Doctor overloads his ship’s controls to cause a supernova – the two cataclysmic events are cancelled out, and the TARDISes are saved. With the danger over, the Fifth Doctor realises that his fellow traveller is in fact himself, and that he knew what to do because he remembered this moment. As the TARDISes separate, the Tenth Doctor tells his earlier self how much he admired him, before bidding him farewell. Alone once more, the Doctor has little time to relax – as the TARDIS suddenly crashes into the luxury liner, R.M.S Titanic

David Tennant (The Doctor), Peter Davison (The Fifth Doctor), Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones)*
*(In footage from 'Last of the Time Lords')

Directed by Graeme Harper
Produced by Phil Collinson
Executive Producers Russell T. Davies and Julie Gardner
A BBC Wales production

16th November 2007 @ 8.16 pm

*Featuring the Tenth and Fifth Doctors

*This 7 minute 40 second mini-episode was transmitted within 'Children in Need', and specially written for that charity event

*The version of the episode transmitted during 'Children in Need' had two edits in the opening titles to shorten it, and the in-show Producer and Director credits replaced with clean shots

*There were no end credits, just a caption referring to the forthcoming transmission of 'Voyage of the Damned' - although the credits could be seen on the BBC's 'Doctor Who' website

*Time-Placing: for the Tenth Doctor, this occurs during the final moments of 'Last of the Time Lords', and leads into 'Voyage of the Damned'; the Fifth Doctor is travelling with Nyssa and Tegan, so I've chosen to place this after 'Snakedance'

*The Fifth Doctor mentions L.I.N.D.A., the group seen in 'Love and Monsters'