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"Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve been here before, and yet everyone tells you that you can’t have been? Or perhaps you’ve felt ‘this has all happened to me before, and I know what’s going to happen next’? Well, a lot of people do get these sensations, and nobody can yet explain them. They seem, somehow, to involve the mind travelling forwards or backwards in time. And that’s what this new series ‘Timeslip’ is all about:: children projecting themselves forwards and backwards in time. It’s fiction, of course, but it’s very close to a new theory scientists are now working on to explain the universe, and time. Today’s science fiction so often becomes tomorrow’s science fact…"

The above passage is from Peter Fairley’s introduction to the first episode of ‘Timeslip’; such was the complexity and originality of the concept of ‘Time Bubbles’ in the series that it was felt an explanation by ITN’s science correspondent was needed. Over the course of the next twenty-six episodes, viewers were introduced to even more innovative ideas, such as longevity drugs, global warming, telepathy and cloning. At the time it was shown, 1970, ‘Timeslip’ was a ground-breaking show, and was created for ATV by script editor Ruth Boswell and her husband James.

The series follows the adventures of two fifteen-year-olds, Liz and Simon, who, while on holiday in a village in the Midlands, stumble across an invisible time barrier that first takes them back to World War II; then to a scientific base in 1990 Antarctica; a parallel version of England as a tropical jungle; and then to a secret research institute in 1965. The events in the four stories are closely linked, effectively forming a single twenty-six part story.

As well as the complex and entertaining storyline, characterisation is also particularly strong; the two central characters grow as events unfold, as initially, Liz and Simon only tolerate each other, but by the end of the series they have formed an inseparable relationship. The supporting cast is excellent, with several members faced with the challenge of portraying different versions of their characters.

’Timeslip’ was only repeated once, shortly after its first transmission, and then became a little-known gem; however, a video release in the late 1990s ensured that it was once more able to entertain audiences with its complex plotting and exciting stories. It remains a classic example of children’s science-fiction at its best.

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