Thomas' Gallery
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Tom's Eighth Birthday Tom & Emma
Tom and all his Eighth Birthday presents!

Tom and his little sister Emma

Family Portrait
A family portrait

Thomas Portrait Tom & Emma Portrait
A portrait of Tom

Tom and Emma

Xmas 2010
Tom surrounded by his Xmas presents

Doctor Tom Doctor Tom Vs Dalek Emma
Tom dressed as the Eleventh Doctor!

Doctor Tom Vs Dalek Emma!

Tom & Ironside With Emma and Bessie
Facing off with an Ironside -
come back Doctor!

Cuddles with Emma and Bessie Bear

A different mummy Being Bhuddist
With a different mummy at the British Museum

Trying for Nirvana...

7th Birthday Presents
Tom has loads of presents for his seventh birthday!

Cake No.2 Seconds
Tom has another cake for his seventh bithday

Going back for seconds

Birthday Cake
Tom's SuperMario cake for his seventh brirthday

Bowling Emma Bowling
A bowling Party for Tom's seventh bithday

Mummy helps Emma have a go...

Cuddles with Emma
Tom and Emma

Do Not Disturb Blacktron Ship
Do Not Disturb -
busy playing!

Tom's homemade Blacktron Spaceship

Gappy Teeth! Having Tea
Look, no front teeth!

Taking tea with Emma

FAB! Warrior
Thunderbirds are go!

Dressed as a Warrior at Battle Abbey

Bath Punk! Driving
Bath Punk!

Tom driving at LEGOLand

Xmas 2009
Xmas 2009 - Tom and Emma with all their presents
(you have no idea how many attempts it took to get this shot!)

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