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Xmas 2009
Xmas 2009 - Tom and Emma with all their presents
(you have no idea how many attempts it took to get this shot!)

Tom enjoying the April snow Tom's made a new friend - literally!
Tom enjoying the April snow
(Oh to be in England in the Springtime!)

Tom's made a new friend - literally!

Tom's Fourth Birthday Presents Tom's Fourth Birthday
Tom has shedloads of presents for his fourth birthday!

Tom celebrates his fourth birthday with his friends!

Jedi Tom Tom & Darth Vader
Meet young Jedi Knight in training,
Obi Tom Kenobi!
(Yes, he really is a BIG 'Star Wars' fan!)

Tom bravely meets Darth Vader at the 'Star Wars 30th Anniversary Celebration'

Tom & Jedi Knights Tom on Dagobah
Tom meets some fellow Jedi Knights

Tom and a Jedi Master in the swamplands of the planet Dagobah

Meeting Darth Maul Ambushed by Jango Fett
Tom and Marnie meet the deadly Sith Lord Darth Maul

Bounty hunter Jango Fett tries unsuccessfully to capture Tom Kenobi

C & T & Friends Snowspeeder
Tom and Daddy make some interesting friends...

When flying his snowspeeder, Clive hates backseat drivers!

M & T & R2D2 Chewie & Pals
Marnie and Tom aboard the Millenium Falcon with R2-D2

Tom, Marnie and Auntie Jenni meet Chewbacca

Tom's birthday presents Third Birthday Party
It's Tom's third birthday, and he has a few presents!

Celebrating his special day down the pub with some mates!

Tom eats cake Pirate Tom
Must... eat... more Birthday Cake...

Tom playing pirates with his friend Abigail

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