Tomorrow People Logo 'Alone'
(3 Parts)
by Nigel Fairs
The Tomorrow People

Homo Superior - the next stage of human evolution. Young people with super powers, dediated to safegaurding planet Earth. From their secret laboratory deep beneath the streets of London, aided by their super-computer TIM, they watch and wait for others like themselves - and guard against threats to all mankind.They are the Tomorrow People.

In the peaceful English village of Barcombe Hill, two people are in therapy. One, Robert Mitchell, claims to hear voices and is obsessed with images of an alien world. The other, John, is convinced that he has superpowers and is dedicated to safeguarding the planet...

Nicholas Young (John), Helen Goldwyn (Elena), Daniel Wilson (Paul), Mark Donovan (Doctor Cooper), India Fisher (Therese), Stuart Piper (Robert Mitchell), Robert Curbishley (Thragg / Elena's Father), K.T. Richardson (Andrew)

Directed by Jason Haigh-Ellery
A 'Big Finish' Production

For Phil, with love...
Philip Gilbert
29 March 1931 - 6 January 2004

Part One - 'Evil All Around Us'
Part Two - 'Like ome'
Part Three - 'Time to Go'

*Featuring John, Paul and Elena, and introducing Robert