Tomorrow People Logo 'Saving the World'
(3 Parts)
by Nigel Fairs

Homo Superior - the next stage of human evolution. Young people with super powers, dediated to safegaurding planet Earth. From their secret laboratory deep beneath the streets of London, aided by their super-computer TIM, they watch and wait for others like themselves - and guard against threats to all mankind.They are the Tomorrow People.

The Galactic Federation has fallen, the Trig is under the control of the Cartel and the Earth has been invaded by ruthless aliens. John, Elena and Robert are assumed dead and TIM is off-line.

But in the remains of London, two young people have discovered amazing powers and want to fight backů

Nicholas Young (John), Trevor Littledale (Tim), Elizabeth Adare (Elizabeth), Peter Vaughan-Clarke (Stephen), Clare Calbraith (Suzy), Matthew Blair (Mouse), Sarah Douglas (Gemma Godwin), James Daniel Wilson (Jedikiah)

Directed by Nigel Fairs
A 'Big Finish' Production

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

*Featuring John, Elizabeth and Stephen, and introducing Suzy and Mouse