Doctor Who Logo 'The Tomorrow Windows'
by Jonathan Morris
Jacket Illustration

There's a new exhibition at the Tate Modern - The Tomorrow Windows.

The concept is simple: look through a Tomorrow Window and you'll see into the future. You'll get "The Gist of Things to Come". According to the press pack, The Tomorrow Windows exhibition will bring about an end to war and suffering.

Which is why someone decides to blow it up.

Investigating this act of wanton vandalism, The Doctor, Fitz and Trix visit an Astral Flower, the show-world of Utopia, and Gadrahadradon - the most haunted planet in the galaxy. They face the sinister Cecces, the gratuitously violent Vorshagg, the miniscule Micron and the enigmatic Poozle. And they encounter the doomsday monks of Shardybarn, the warmongers of Valuensis, the politicians of Minuea and the killer cars of Estebol.

The also spend about half an hour in Lewisham.

*Featuring the Eighth Doctor, Fitz and Trix

*A BBC Books 'Eighth Doctor Adventures' novel