'The Day of the Triffids'

by Bernard Gordon
and Philip Yordan
Story by John Wyndham
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BEWARE THE TRIFFIDS... they grow... know... walk... talk... stalk... and KILL!

Recovering in hospital, a temporarily blinded Bill Masen wakes up one morning to an uncanny silence. Deciding to investigate, Bill first removes the bandages from around his eyes, and is pleased to find that his vision has now returned. However, while exploring the hospital, Bill is shocked to discover that everyone in the building is now blind; it seems that their retinas were burned away after looking at the spectacular meteor shower that lit up the skies the previous night. Leaving the hospital, Bill finds London in a state of panic and terror, as the blind stumble helplessly about the streets, desperately crying out for help that may never come. Also stalking the streets are triffids walking, carnivorous, plants that kill their prey using a venomous sting situated at the end of a whip-like tendril. These deadly monsters have gotten loose from their pens, and are now preying on the sightless civilians. Can Bill survive in a world where mankind is no longer the dominant life form..?

Howard Keel (Bill Masen), Nicole Maurey (Christine Durrant), Janette Scott (Karen Goodwin), Kieron Moore (Tom Goodwin), Mervyn Johns (Mr. Coker), Ewan Roberts (Doctor Soames), Alison Leggatt (Miss Coker), Geoffrey Matthews (Luis de la Vega), Janina Faye (Susan [Child on Train] ), Gilgi Hauser (Teresa de la Vega), John Tate (Captain, SS Midland), Carol Ann Ford (Bettina), Arthur Gross (Flight 356 Radioman), Collette Wilde (Nurse Jamieson), Ian Wilson (Greehouse Watchman), Victor Brooks (Poiret), Katya Douglas (Mary)*, Thomas Gallagher (Burly Man)*, Gary Hope (Flight 356 Pilot)*, John Simpson (Blind Man)*, Sidney Vivian (Ticket Agent)*

Directed by Steve Sekely and Freddie Francis (Uncredited)
Produced by George Pitcher and Philip Yordan
Executive producer Bernard Glasser

Release Date:

UK Certificate:

*Introducing Bill Masen

*Alternate titles: 'Invasion of the Triffids' (UK) and 'Revolt of the Triffids' (International)

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