Twin Peaks Logo Episode 26:
'Variations on Relations'

(Story Code '2026')

by Mark Frost
and Harley Peyton
F.B.I Special Agent Dale Cooper and Sheriff Harry S. Truman

Exploring Owl Cave, Agent Cooper, Sheriff Truman, Deputy Andy Brennan and Deputy ‘Hawk’ Hill find a mysterious hieroglyph of an owl. Windom Earle recruits a Heavy Metal fan to his cause, and talks of the White Lodge and the Black Lodge. Catherine Martell opens the puzzle-box with the help of her husband, Pete. Agent Cooper and Annie Blackburn pursue their blossoming friendship. Cooper reads the poem that Windom Earle sent to Donna Hayward, Audrey Horne and Shelly Johnson, and tells Sheriff Truman that it was a poem that he once gave to Earle’s wife, Caroline. Major Briggs agrees to investigate Earle's work on ‘Project Bluebook’. Preparations for the ‘Miss Twin Peaks’ beauty contest begin: Donna, Audrey, and Shelly decide to take part, as do Lucy Moran and Nadine Hurley; meanwhile Lana tells her husband, Mayor Dwayne Milford, to rig the event in her favour. Mike Nelson unnerves Bobby Briggs with the knowledge of Nadine's talents in the bedroom. Donna confronts her mother over her meeting with Ben Horne. Dick Tremayne hosts a wine-tasting party at the Great Northern Hotel. Windom Earle murders another victim…

Kyle MacLachlan (Special Agent Dale Cooper), Michael Ontkean (Sheriff Harry S. Truman), Madchen Amick (Shelly Johnson), Dana Ashbrook (Bobby Briggs), Richard Beymer (Benjamin Horne), Lara Flynn Boyle (Donna Marie Hayward), Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey Horne), Warren Frost (Doctor William Hayward), Peggy Lipton (Norma Jennings), James Marshall (James Hurley), Everett McGill (Ed Hurley), Jack Nance (Pete Martell), Kimmy Robertson (Lucy Moran), Joan Chen (Jocelyn ‘Josie’ Packard), Piper Laurie (Catherine Martell), Eric Da Re (Leo Johnson), Harry Goaz (Deputy Andy Brennan), Michael Horse (Deputy ‘Hawk’ Hill), Kenneth Welsh (Windom Earle), Billy Zane (John Justice Wheeler), Ian Buchanan (Dick Tremayne), Heather Graham (Annie Blackburn), Robyn Lively (Lana Milford), David Lynch (Gordon Cole), Wendy Robie (Nadine Hurley), Don Davis (Major Briggs), Gary Hershberger (Mike Nelson), Mary Jo Deschanel (Eileen Hayward), John Boylan (Mayor Dwayne Milford), Ted Raimi (Heavy Metal Youth), John Charles Sheehan (Bellman)

Directed by Jonathan Sanger
Produced by Harley Peyton
Executive Producers Mark Frost and David Lynch

US TX - 11th April 1991

*Featuring FBI Agent Dale Cooper, Sheriff Harry S. Truman and the townsfolk of Twin Peaks