Doctor Who Logo 'The Two Doctors'
(3 Parts)
Story Code '6W'

by Robert Holmes
The Doctors

The Second Doctor and Jamie are sent by the Time Lords to investigate unauthorised time travel experiments being conducted on Space Station J7. Here they meet the station head, Dastari, who has been secretly biologically augmenting a race of primitive gourmands known as Androgums, including the station chef, Shockeye, and Chessene, who has formed an alliance with Sontaran Group Marshall Stike. The station is attacked by Sontarans, who kill the station personnel and capture the Doctor. After covering their tracks by framing the Time Lords for the assault, the Sontarans, Androgums and Dastari, take the Doctor to their hideout in Seville on Earth. Here Dastari plans to dissect the Doctor in order to obtain the secret of the Rassilon Imprimature, the symbolic print contained within a Time Lord's physiology which enables them to time travel. Meanwhile, feeing his previous incarnation's pain, the Sixth Doctor is drawn to the space station, where he and Peri meet Jamie. Escaping from the homicidally insane station computer, the three travellers follow the trail to Spain. As the Doctor and Peri attempt to deal with the vicious Shockeye and the murderous Sontarans, Chessene decides to change her plans and decides to turn the Second Doctor into her consort by forcing Dastari to implant Shockeye's genes into him. Dastari then extracts the Doctor's genes, implanting them into the chef; but the Doctor and Shockeye escape and make their way to a nearby town to sample the local cuisine. After the Sixth Doctor rescues his earlier self, he is forced to kill Shockeye using cyanide; Chessene betrays the Sontarans, killing them with the use of coronic acid, a substance deadly to the clone race. But Chessene's augmentation breaks down, and, reverting back to her bestial nature, she kills Dastari. The Second Doctor's body restores itself, and he and Jamie leave in their TARDIS, as the Sixth Doctor and Peri vow to become vegetarians.

Colin Baker (The Doctor), Patrick Troughton (The Doctor), Nicola Bryant (Peri), Frazer Hines (Jamie), John Stratton (Shockeye), Jacqueline Pearce (Chessene), Laurence Payne (Dastari), Aimee Delamain (Dona Arana), James Saxon (Oscar), Carmen Gomez (Anita), Tim Raynham (Varl), Nicholas Fawcett (Technician), Clinton Greyn (Stike)

Produced by John Nathan-Turner
Directed by Peter Moffatt

Part 1 - 16th February, 1985 @ 5.20pm - 6.05pm
Part 2 - 23rd February, 1985 @ 5.20pm - 6.05pm
Part 3 - 2nd March, 1985 @ 5.20pm - 6.05pm

*Featuring the Second and Sixth Doctors, Peri and Jamie

*Working titles: 'The Androgum Inheritance', 'The Kraglon Inheritance'

*Following the events of 'The War Games', it is generally thought that the Doctor undertakes work for the Time Lords before he regenerates, as is the case in this story. The Big Finish story 'The Black Hole', released in 2015, later rewrites this idea so that it could be set during Season 5. However, given the fact that the Doctor and Jamie look older than they were in Season 5, I'm still placing 'The Two Doctors' after 'The War Games'

*Each part is 45 minutes duration