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by Tony Barwick
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When Lt. Grey’s wife gives birth to twins, the team at S.H.A.D.O. H.Q. celebrate his becoming a father. The news makes Commander Straker recall the early days of S.H.A.D.O., a time when he himself had just gotten married... Following the U.F.O. attack in 1970, the United Nations grants Straker the financial backing he needs to set up his defence organisation. But the long hours and high-secrecy have a disastrous effect on his marriage to Mary; he is forced to cancel their honeymoon in order to attend a vital security meeting - and then Mary discovers that Ed has been seen visiting the flat of another woman...

Ed Bishop (Commander Ed Straker), George Sewell (Colonel Alec Freeman), Dolores Mantez (Lt. Nina Barry), Antonia Ellis (Lt. Joan Harrington), Keith Alexander (Lt. Keith Ford), Grant Taylor (General James Henderson), Jon Kelley (Lt. John Masters), Jeremy Wilkin (Lt. Gordon Maxwell), Ayshea Brough (Lt. Ayshea Johnson), Mel Oxley (Voice of Space Intruder Detector)*, Suzanne Neve (Mary Straker), Michael Nightingale (Mary's Father), Jack May (English Delegate), Jeffrey Segal (Monsieur Duval), Gordon Sterne (German Delegate), Alan Tilvern (U.S. Delegate), Julian Grant (Lt. David Grey), Shane Rimmer (C.I.A. Man), Geoffrey Hinsliff (Hotel Clerk), Donald Pelmear (Estate Agent), Frank Tregear (Porter), Tom Oliver (Doctor), Penny Jackson (Nurse)

Directed by David Lane
Produced by Reg Hill
A Gerry Anderson / Century 21 Television Production

UK (ATV Midlands):
July 10th, 1971 @ 5.15 pm - 6.10 pm

*Featuring Commander Ed Straker, Colonel Alec Freeman and Lt. Nina Barry