UFO Logo 'The Long Sleep'
by David Tomblin
UFO Cast

Catherine Frazer awakes in hospital after being in a coma for ten years, suffered after she was knocked down by Commander Straker’s car. Straker has kept an eye on her all this time, as she muttered something about aliens before falling unconscious. Catherine relates the events of a decade ago: after having run away from home to London, she met a drop-out named Tim. They went for a day in the country together, and played in a derelict farmhouse whilst tripping on L.S.D. But when they went into the cellar, they found two space-suited figures working on a strange device. When Catherine took a vital part and ran off with it, Tim was apparently killed after falling off the roof while fleeing from the pursuing aliens. Straker becomes concerned when he realises the device was a bomb - and that it may still be active…

Ed Bishop (Commander Ed Straker), Michael Billington (Colonel Paul Foster), Wanda Ventham (Colonel Virginia Lake), Vladek Sheybal (Doctor Doug Jackson), Ayshea Brough (Lt. Ayshea Johnson), Mel Oxley (Voice of Space Intruder Detector)*, Tessa Wyatt (Catherine Frazer), Christian Roberts (Tim Redman), Christopher Robbie (Bomb Disposal Expert), Anouska Hempel (S.H.A.D.O. Operative), John Garrie (Van Driver)

Directed by Cyril Frankel
Produced by Reg Hill
A Gerry Anderson / Century 21 Television Production

UK (ATV Midlands):
March 15th, 1973 @ 11.30 pm - 00.30 am

*Featuring Commander Ed Straker, Colonel Paul Foster and Colonel Virginia Lake