UFO Logo 'Mindbender'
by Tony Barwick
UFO Cast

Sunspot activity causes Moonbase to be cut off from Earth, and allows a U.F.O. to approach undetected. But when the craft then inexplicably destroys itself within three miles of Moonbase, astronaut Conroy is sent to investigate. At the crash site he finds a rare moon diamond, which he takes back with him. Later, Conroy is astonished to see Mexican bandits in Moonbase Control, and he is then shot by Straker and Foster in what appears to be a Wild West shootout. Back on Earth, Captain James goes berserk after seeing S.H.A.D.O. H.Q. filled with aliens, and then Commander Straker suddenly finds himself on a film set making a movie about S.H.A.D.O., and it seems that he is just an actor…

Ed Bishop (Commander Ed Straker), Michael Billington (Colonel Paul Foster), Wanda Ventham (Colonel Virginia Lake), Dolores Mantez (Lt. Nina Barry), Gary Myers (Lt. / Captain Lew Waterman), Grant Taylor (General James Henderson), Norma Ronald (Miss Ealand), Ayshea Brough (Lt. Ayshea Johnson), Mel Oxley (Voice of Space Intruder Detector)*, Stuart Damon (Howard Byrne), Charles Tingwell (Captain Beaver James), Al Mancini (Lt. Andy Conroy), Craig Hunter (Lt. Dale), Steven Berkoff (Captain Steve Minto), Anouska Hempel (S.H.A.D.O. Operative), Stephan Chase (Film Director), Norton Clarke (1st Assistant Director), Paul Greaves (2nd Assistant Director), Larry Taylor, Richard Montez, Bill Morgan (Mexican Bandits), James Marcus (S.H.A.D.O. Operative), Stanley McGeagh, John Lyons (S.H.A.D.O. Guards), Basil Dignam (Cabinet Minister), Suzanne Neve (Mary Rutland), Barnaby Shaw (John Rutland), Philip Madoc (Steven Rutland), Peter Halliday (Doctor Segal), Jack Silk (Motorcyclist)

Directed by Ken Turner
Produced by Reg Hill
A Gerry Anderson / Century 21 Television Production

UK (ATV Midlands):
January 13th, 1971 @ 8.00 pm - 9.00 pm

*Featuring Commander Ed Straker, Colonel Paul Foster, Colonel Virginia Lake and Lt. Nina Barry