UFO Logo 'Survival'
by Tony Barwick
UFO Cast

A U.F.O. uses a meteorite shower as cover and lands undetected on the moon. The alien on board fires a projectile weapon at Moonbase’s Leisure Sphere, causing a rapid decompression that kills astronaut Bill Grant. Foster narrowly escapes, and mounts an investigation to track down the U.F.O.; but disaster strikes when his Moonmobile is destroyed in an attack, leaving him injured, cut off from Moonbase, and believed dead. However, help soon comes from a most unexpected source…

Ed Bishop (Commander Ed Straker), George Sewell (Colonel Alec Freeman), Michael Billington (Colonel Paul Foster), Dolores Mantez (Lt. Nina Barry), Antonia Ellis (Lt. Joan Harrington), Harry Baird (Lt. Mark Bradley), Mel Oxley (Voice of Space Intruder Detector)*, Suzan Farmer (Tina Duval), Robert Swann (Bill Grant), Gito Santana (Alien), Ray Armstrong, David Weston (Rescuers)

Directed by Alan Perry
Produced by Reg Hill
A Gerry Anderson / Century 21 Television Production

UK (ATV Midlands):
January 6th, 1971 @ 8.00 pm - 9.00 pm

*Featuring Commander Ed Straker, Colonel Alec Freeman, Colonel Paul Foster and Lt. Nina Barry