Doctor Who Logo 'U.N.I.T.
- Dominion'

(4 Parts)

by Jason Arnopp
and Nicholas Briggs
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The universe stands on the brink of a dimensional crisis – and the Doctor and Raine are pulled into the very epicentre of it.

Meanwhile, on Earth, UNIT scientific advisor Dr Elizabeth Klein and an incarnation of the Doctor she's never encountered before are tested to the limit by a series of bizarre, alien invasions.

At the heart of it all is a terrible secret, almost as old as the Time Lords themselves. Reality is beginning to unravel and two Doctors, Klein, Raine and all of UNIT must use all their strength and guile to prevent the whole of creation being torn apart.

Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Beth Chalmers (Raine Creevy / Sylvie’s Mum), Sophie Aldred (Ace) Alex Macqueen (The Other Doctor [The Master]), Tracey Childs (Doctor Elizabeth Klein), Bradley Gardner (Sergeant Pete Wilson / Tolian), Julian Dutton (Colonel Lafayette), Miranda Keeling (Sylvie Wilson / Liz Morrison / Nexus / Time Lord), Alex Mallinson (Private Maynard / Arunzell / Skyheads / Colnel Tennison / General Nakatomi), Ben Porter (Private Phillips / John Starr / Tolian / Hauptmann Beyer / Medic / Nexus), Sam Clemens (Major Wyland-Jones / Trooper / Castellan), Martin Johnson (UNIT Operator), Nicholas Briggs (Time Lord)

Directed by Nicholas Briggs

*Featuring the Seventh Doctor and Raine, Ace and Doctor Elizabeth Klein

*A Big Finish Audio Production

*This story was released as a special boxed set, with double-length episodes

Jacket Illustration

Doctor Elizabeth Klein us the chief scientific advisor for UNIT. She’s highly regarded, utterly professional, good at her job… but beneath the highly-polished veneer, she’s a haunted woman. Nevertheless, she’s currently having to deal with yet another alien incursion on Earth.

Meanwhile, the Doctor and Raine have left Ace on Gallifrey. They know they have a whole universe of space and time before them – but they didn’t expect to crash through the dimensional barrier. And beyond… a great evil awaits them.

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The Doctor and Raine have lost the TARDIS and find themselves trapped between dimensions.

The invasions of Earth continue. Klein and the Doctor fight on; but a new UNIT commander is determined to pursue his own ruthless agenda…

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The global conflict on Earth is reaching new heights. There’s an uneasy alliance between the Doctors. But what if the powers that be at UNIT find they don’t trust their ex-scientific advisor any more?

With bizarre, disturbing, seemingly unstoppable attacks underway in German, America and Japan, UNIT’s resources are being stretched to breaking point.

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The real enemy has been revealed, but the Doctor seems powerless to stop the dimensional catastrophe. With the situation worsening every minute, he finds himself forces to choose between saving the lives of friends or preserving reality itself. But whet het reality would be governed by a ruthless, merciless dictatorship, perhaps it is not worth saving at all...