Doctor Who Logo 'UNIT: Encounters'
4: 'False Negative'

(1 Part)

by John Dorney
Jacket Illustration

When a strange travel capsule is activated in UNITís laboratory, Osgood and Josh find themselves in a whole new world of trouble.

Soon, nobody at UNIT HQ is quite who they seem, and the team discovers that the greatest danger they could ever face comes from within...

Jemma Redgrave (Kate Stewart), Ingrid Oliver (Petronella Osgood), James Joyce (Captain Josh Carter), Ramon Tikaram (Colonel Shindi), Karina Fernandez (Captain Gonsalves / Phoebe Breckenridge), Lucy Fleming (Alice Donelly), Matthew Cottle (Ben Donnelly / Overseer), David Jonsson (Corporal James Morley), Dan Starkey (Marshal Skar / Commander Merx / Sontaran Escapee), James Wilby (Professor John Torrance), Beth Goddard (Christine Colley),Nicholas Briggs (Daleks)

Directed by Ken Bentley


*Featuring Kate Stewart, Petronella Osgood and U.N.I.T.

*A Big Finish Audio Production