Doctor Who Logo 'Underworld'
(4 Parts)
Story Code '4Y'

by Bob Baker
and Dave Martin
The Doctor

The TARDIS materialises aboard a Minyan spaceship, the R1C, which has reached the edge of the universe, at a place where planets are created by comic debris. The Minyans view the Time Lords as gods, as they helped to build their advanced civilisation; however, Minyos was subsequently destroyed by internecine war, events that led the Time Lords to adopt their policy of non-interference with other races' development. A handful of Minyans managed to escape their dead world, and began a new life on Minyos II. The R1C crew, led by commander Jackson, is on a quest to recover the lost Minyan race banks, held aboard the P7E, a vessel that has been missing for centuries. The Doctor frees the P7E after it becomes buried in a meteorite storm, but the ship subsequently crashes into a newly formed planet. Inside the planet is a cave system, at the heart of which lies the P7E. The lost ship's computer, the Oracle, was programmed to protect the race banks, but it has gone insane, and together with its half-human half-robot servants, the Seers, has imposed its rule on the Trogs, the descendants of the original crew. The Oracle allows Jackson to take the race banks, but the Doctor realises that they are actually fission grenades. The Time Lord manages to remove the real race banks, and tricks the Oracle's guards into taking the grenades back to the computer. The resulting explosion destroys the planet and the P7E, but boosts the R1C, now containing both the crew and the Trogs, on its voyage to back to Minyos II.

Tom Baker (Doctor Who), Louise Jameson (Leela), John Leeson (Voice of K9), James Maxwell (Jackson), Alan Lake (Herrick), Jonathan Newth (Orfe), Imogen Bickford-Smith (Tala), James Marcus (Rask), Godfrey James (Tarn), Jimmy Gardner (Idmon), Norman Tipton (Idas), Jay Neill (Guard Klimt), Frank Jarvis (Ankh), Richard Shaw (Lakh), Stacey Tendeter (Naia), Christine Pollon (Voice of the Oracle)

Produced by Graham Williams
Directed by George Pennant Roberts

Part 1 - 7th January, 1978 @ 6.25pm - 6.50pm
Part 2 - 14th January, 1978 @ 6.25pm - 6.50pm
Part 3 - 21st January, 1978 @ 6.30pm - 6.55pm
Part 4 - 28th January, 1978 @ 6.25pm - 6.50pm

*Featuring the Fourth Doctor, Leela and K-9

*Working title: 'Underground'