Doctor Who Logo 'Walking To Babylon'
by Kate Orman
Jacket Illustration

Making polite conversation at a cocktail party in a galaxy far, far away, Benny learns a disturbing secret. The incredibly advanced utopian culture known as the People have a problem; two of their number have travelled back to Earth's past - to the ancient city of Babylon.

But by their treaty with the dominant power in the Milky Way this type of temporal tourism is illegal and could start the ultimate intergalactic conflict - in which trillions would die.

So, someone has to act, and act fast. The People's ultra-powerful supercomputer, God, is prepared to destroy the city - killing a quarter of a million human beings and wrecking Earth history - rather than risk war. Benny is understandably against the idea; she has her own daringly cunning plan: to travel back herself to the cradle of civilisation and avert the disaster. Unfortunately, she is given only one week in which to act. So, with the clock ticking, Benny must find the errant People, and get them back to their own galaxy - or face a catastrophe that could mean she will never have existed.

*Featuring Benny

*A Virgin Books 'New Adventures' novel

*Also available as an Audio Adventure from Big Finish Productions, but which is apocryphal to the 'Doctor Who' timeline