Doctor Who Logo The War Games
(10 Parts)
Story Code 'ZZ'

by Terrance Dicks
and Malcolm Hulke
The Doctor

The TARDIS materialises on a battlefield in France during the First World War, where the Doctor and his companions meet ambulance driver Lady Jennifer Buckingham. They are saved from German troops by a group of British soldiers led by Lieutenant Carstairs, but when their commander, General Smythe, learns of the strangers’ arrival, he immediately finds the trio guilty of being enemy spies in a rigged court martial. With the aid of Jennifer and Carstairs, the Doctor and his friends are able to escape in the ambulance, but when they drive through a strange mist, they suddenly find themselves facing a hoard of Roman soldiers. The Doctor realises that they are not on Earth at all, but on a world divided into different War Zones, each enacting a fierce war; these war games are being controlled by a group of aliens who have gathered soldiers from various times in Earth’s history, brainwashed them, and then set them to battle each other with the intent of gathering the victors to create an unstoppable army with which to take over the galaxy. The Doctor and Zoe infiltrate the alien’s headquarters, and witness the brainwashing process; when Zoe is able to learn the identities of a number of rebel leaders, who have overcome the effects of their conditioning, the Doctor decides to try to unite the various groups and lead them in a revolt against their manipulators. Meanwhile, the War Chief, assistant to the alien leader known as the War Lord, recognises the Doctor as one of his own kind. The Doctor and his friends manage to seize control of Smythe’s chateau, and then persuade the rebel leaders to join forces; they begin attacking the alien monitoring devices, forcing the Security Chief to despatch his forces to deal with them, thereby leaving the defence of the alien control centre vulnerable to attack. Having tricked the War Chief into believing that he will help him and his alien allies, the Doctor buys himself time to call on his people, the Time Lords, for help in stopping the aliens' scheme and in returning the humans to their proper times and places. The War Lord kills the War Chief, but is then captured by the rebels. The Time Lords intervene, stop the war games, execute the War Lord, and send all the humans back to Earth. The Doctor tries to escape from his people, and reveals to Jamie and Zoe that he is a renegade from their world; bored with living in a society of great power, and with a strict rule of non-interference, he stole the TARDIS and set off into the Universe to explore its wonders. The Time Lords soon capture the Doctor and find him guilty of interfering with alien cultures; they return Jamie and Zoe to their rightful times, and then exile the Doctor to Earth, changing his appearance once more…

Patrick Troughton (Dr Who), Frazer Hines (Jamie), Wendy Padbury (Zoe), Jane Sherwin (Lady Jennifer Buckingham / Lady Jennifer / Jennifer), John Livesey, Bernard Davies (German Soldiers), David Savile (Lieutenant Carstairs / Lieut. Carstairs / Carstairs), Terence Bayler (Major Barrington), Brian Forster (Sergeant Willis), Noel Coleman (General Smythe), Hubert Rees (Captain Ransom), Esmond Webb (Sgt. Major Burns) , Tony McEwan (Redcoat), Richard Steele (Commandant Gorton), Peter Stanton (Military Chauffeur), Pat Gorman (Military Policeman), David Valla (Lieut. Crane), Gregg Palmer (Lieut. Lucke), David Garfield (Von Weich), Edward Brayshaw (War Chief), Bill Hutchinson (Sgt. Thompson), Terry Adams (Corporal Riley), Leslie Schofield (Leroy), Vernon Dobtcheff (Scientist) , Rudolph Walker (Harper), John Atterbury (Alien Guard), Michael Lynch (Spencer), Graham Weston (Russell), James Bree (Security Chief), Charles Pemberton (Alien Technician) David Troughton (Moor), Philip Madoc (War Lord), Peter Craze (Du Pont), Michael Napier-Brown (Arturo Villar), Stephen Hubay (Petrov), Bernard Horsfall (First Time Lord), Trevor Martin (Second Time Lord), Clyde Politt (Third Time Lord), Clare Jenkins (Tanya)

Produced by Derek Sherwin
Directed by David Maloney

Part 1 - 19th April, 1969 @ 5.15pm - 5.40pm
Part 2 - 26th April, 1969 @ 5.15pm - 5.40pm
Part 3 - 3rd May, 1969 @ 5.15pm - 5.40pm
Part 4 - 10th May, 1969 @ 5.15pm - 5.40pm
Part 5 - 17th May, 1969 @ 5.15pm - 5.40pm
Part 6 - 24th May, 1969 @ 5.15pm - 5.40pm
Part 7 - 31st May, 1969 @ 5.15pm - 5.40pm
Part 8 - 7th June, 1969 @ 5.15pm - 5.40pm
Part 9 - 14th June, 1969 @ 5.15pm - 5.40pm
Part 10 - 21st June, 1969 @ 5.15pm - 5.40pm

*Featuring the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe

*First appearance of the Time Lords