Doctor Who Logo The Wheel in Space
(6 Parts)
Story Code 'SS'

by David Whitaker
from a story by Kit Peddler
The Doctor

The TARDIS materialises aboard a deserted spaceship, The Silver Carrier, where a Servo Robot attacks the Doctor and Jamie. Jamie contacts a nearby space station known as The Wheel, and the two travellers are rescued by its crew. Meanwhile The Silver Carrier launches some Cybermats, which enter The Wheel, and devour the control rods for the ship's X-Ray laser. The only other source of these power rods is aboard The Silver Carrier, and the station's crew are forced to head out to the ship in order to retrieve them. While aboard, the crewmen are taken over by Cybermen, and secretly bring back some of the silver giants to The Wheel; the Cybermen plan to use the station's video link with Earth as a beacon for their invasion fleet. Jamie and a young astrophysicist, Zoe, travel across to The Silver Carrier in order to get the TARDIS's vector generator rod for the Doctor. The Doctor frees the wheel's crew from the hypnotic control of the Cybermen, and destroys the Cybermen on the station. Jamie and Zoe return, and the Doctor installs the rod in the Station's X-Ray laser, making it powerful enough to destroy the Cyber-fleet, and also saving the station from destruction from an oncoming meteor storm. The Doctor and Jamie leave in the TARDIS, and discover that Zoe has stowed away on the ship; the Doctor decides to play back his and Jamie's last adventure with the Daleks to show Zoe how dangerous their travels actually are.

Patrick Troughton (Dr Who), Frazer Hines (Jamie), Wendy Padbury (Zoe), Deborah Watling (Victoria), Freddie Foote (Servo Robot), Eric Flynn (Leo Ryan), Anne Ridler (Dr. Gemma Corwyn), Clare Jenkins (Tanya Lernov), Donald Sumpter (Enrico Casali), Michael Turner (Jarvis Bennett), Kenneth Watson (Bill Duggan), Michael Goldie (Elton Laleham), Derrick Gilbert (Armand Vallance), Kevork Malikyan (Kemel Rudkin), Peter Laird (Chang), James Mellor (Sean Flannigan); Jerry Holmes, Gordon Stothard (Cybermen); Peter Hawkins, Roy Skelton (Voices)

Produced by Derek Sherwin
Directed by Tristan De Vere Cole

Part 1 - 27th April, 1968 @ 5.15pm - 5.40pm
Part 2 - 4th May, 1968 @ 5.15pm - 5.40pm
Part 3 - 11th May, 1968 @ 5.15pm - 5.40pm
Part 4 - 18th May, 1968 @ 6.00pm - 6.25pm
Part 5 - 25th May, 1968 @ 5.15pm - 5.40pm
Part 6 - 1st June, 1968 @ 6.05pm - 6.30pm

*Featuring the Second Doctor and Jamie, and introducing Zoe Herriott

*This is the first time the Doctor uses the pseudonym of Doctor John Smith

*Parts 1, 2, 4 and 5 are missing but audio recordings, telesnaps and a clip of part 4 exist

*Part 4 was transmitted 35 minutes late due to 'Grandstand' overruning with coverage of the FA Cup final

*Part 6 was transmitted 6 minutes late due to 'Grandstand' overruning with coverage of the England Vs West Germany football match

*Working title: 'Doctor Who and the Space Wheel'